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All the server information

CPU, Load Average, Disk, Memory and Network Usage.

Push notification

Get notification when your server is down or above given ussage.

Monitor your domains

Get their status and uptime.

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Step 1. Create an account on NixStats

We use NixStats to fetch data for your servers and domains in your app. The install is so easy.

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Step 2. Create you API key

Create your NixStats API key, and add it in Server stats. You can add multiple accounts.

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Step 3. Preview your server and domains

You get list of servers and domains. On fly preview the current useage of resources on your servers and status of your domain

Step 4. Details for each server

Click on any server, and you will get time graphs for CPU, Load Average, Disk, Memory and Network Usage. You will also get usefull information for your server details.

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